These sessions focus on sharing our learning around new innovations, technology and trends, the cake and tea is just an added bonus – honest!

What started out as us sharing our knowledge on an impromptu and adhoc basis has evolved in to formal innovation sessions for clients who struggle to find the time and/or budget to send large teams to innovation talks and trend seminars. We take the hassle out of organising such a session and bring the interesting content to you!

Cakes! Yummy!

What happens in a session?

Innovation sessions are curated with a specific client or sector in mind. We take all of the mind blowing, exciting content that we have encountered and chunk it up in to tasty, digestible pieces for your ‘inspiration hungry’ audience.

At the same time we keep the audience’s actual hunger at bay by bringing the most delightful artisan cakes that London has to offer.

Tea + Cake Innovation session in progress
Tea + Cake Innovation Session in progress