What's New Tour

What's New Tour

We celebrate good design in all its forms, be it our own work or other peoples. Our What’s New Tour is our unique way to share the most recent standout concepts that have hit the high street.

Actually experiencing an environment has such a strong and lasting impact over seeing a handful of images and reading about it online or in a book.

We encourage our clients to don their walking shoes and hit the streets with us to explore the very best examples of physical spaces, whether that be retail, multichannel, exhibition, food and beverage or immersive experiences.

What's New Tour

What happens on the tour?

Tours are carefully researched and curated before hand by our team to fit with a specific brief or sector. Each concept visited has interesting background and insights that are shared with the attendees.

We often contact the concept before hand meaning that attendees are free to take their time and appreciate the experience at each location.

At the end of the tour we gather at a specifically chosen venue to discuss the adventures of the day and sign off with a well-earned drink.

Don’t worry there is no need for frantic note taking, each location is captured in our What’s New Tour album which is given to each attendee at the end of the tour. To chat about your requirements for a What’s New Tour, please send us an email or give us a call.

What's New Tour in action

“This was no usual trudge around London, but an insightful, exciting and refreshing adventure around our fascinating world-class city. We all had our eyes well and truly opened to what was on our doorstep, that we would have otherwise have walked past. You leave with a head full of actionable ideas and new solutions to the problem every company tries to resolve – engaging our customers. I have strongly recommend them and am looking forward to the next in the series."


“I joined Steve and The Yard Creative on a 'retail tour' around London where we explored the amazing world of design - from the high end boutiques through to the wacky, small independent stores which simply blow your mind with creativity. It was clear to see Steve’s knowledge and passion for design, and that he had a great understanding of the retail world."

JD Sports

“The tour took us to some great new concepts and gave us some new ideas for our portfolio - but above all it showed how vibrant and progressive the retail and A3 market is in London and reminded me to get out of the office more often."

Land Securities

“A useful and thought provoking tour - it brought to our attention a number of exciting retailers and F&B operators that were not previously on our radar. An afternoon well spent."

Land Securities

“The What's New Tour was an incredibly insightful and inspiring opportunity to see first-hand the evolution in retail concept extending beyond product and environment by weaving the experience into the consumer's journey. "


“The City tour is a cracking opportunity to reconnect yourself with a blend of surprising retail spaces, some you've heard of and some you've not. It's an easy investment to make and yet one that I always put off, spending a few hours visiting single-mindedly designed experiences and talking to the personalities behind them. Superb, thanks Steve we will be back"

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