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Destination BP forecourt concept
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The brief

To explore a Big Idea of how to change the forecourt experience and maximise the retail potential whilst changing the customer experience from 7 loathed minutes to one of happiness and enjoyment. With squeezed margins on fuel vs the increase in societal convenience shopping, the business acknowledged the potential for a shift and need for format development within the set-up of some 200+ prime locations across the country.

Working in partnership with Smart Circle who developed the strategy for the approach, a vision was set: Fresh, easy and built to make drivers happy. TYC’s role, to bring this vision to life and demonstrate how a significant shift could change the sector.

Destination BP project snapshot

The approach

Smart Circle’s research was thorough and provided an insight to every touch point of the brand. Alongside this, we spent time on location and engaged with staff and customers to gain a realtime perspective of the physical and mental challenges facing the experience.

A What’s New Tour trip was planned by Smart Circle to Amsterdam to research some of the best in class forecourts and F&B brands leading the way in fresh food offers.

The team then worked with these learnings to explore design alternative avenues for the customer journey, adjacencies, customer flow, forecourt and store planning, architecture, store design, communications and integration of state of the art technology. The client was then brought in to discuss and agree the final direction of the design backed by the evidence we’d collated.

Destination BP project approach

The outcome

A fundamental shift on how to view each asset and maximise potential based on the change in societal behaviours. No more guessing which pump will be free next. No more sitting behind a car waiting for a pump whilst someone does a weekly shop. No more need to risk your life walking across a forecourt as a pedestrian. No more bad coffee.

The forecourt itself is spilt to suit customer needs, high-tech systems provide assistance to allow customers to move through more efficiently and brand engagement entertain and inform the customer whilst waiting.

The store is located in a unique setting giving passing footfall easy access to the retail offer. The store is planned based around 3 different shopping missions to allow each customer type to get the most out of the experience. Time of day product displays and digital communications maximise the uptake in sales potential whilst tap to pay and NPR reduce queue time. The brand-owned coffee offer, Wild Bean Cafe received a major overhaul in both look and feel and menu development to match and exceed the best in class market leaders.

If retail is to become a major driver for sales and attraction of the forecourt, acknowledge this and put more emphasis on it. Give it first priority, structure the asset around this and BP will create destinations we instantly love as both drivers and pedestrians.

The project was received with great praise and backing and went on to become a live global project. Due to franchise challenges and willingness to undertake the whole scope, the project was halted after TYC undertook a further research stage. The research demonstrated that unless all aspects of the forecourt were considered, you couldn’t significantly change customer perceptions - therefore limiting its success.

Project scope: Strategy, Research, Architectural design, Interior design, Graphic design.

“TYC adds value to everything they touch - it's a retail design Midas touch. Our project looked, on the surface, like we just needed a bit of retail visualisation - what we got was a truly collaborative relationship that facilitated idea generation, improvement and informed challenge.“

Richard Hammond, Owner, Smart Circle