The brief

After studying at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy and working in the UK for many years, our clients saw an opportunity to develop a brand within the Shanghai market for a high end bespoke male grooming service and product range. They approached TYC and asked us to create a clean and contemporary, natural brand and barber shop for Curae, their new breed of premium and bespoke male grooming in Shanghai.

The goal was to break away from the traditional perception of barbering, particularly the historic representation in Shanghai, to create a never before seen business and brand.



The approach

In the Creative Day kick-off, the two clients got their hands dirty and played our creative games to explain what they could achieve, what the business offer would be, the bespoke products range and the location for the new barber shop. Having come to TYC for just the interior design at first, post the session they appointed us to do the branding too.

The combined interior and graphics team set to designing a new brand with people at its core. A vision was laid out before the Curae and their dreams came to live.

The outcome

The identity is designed with the R representative of a person, reinforcing that people are at the core of the brand. The environment was designed with a central lab as the heart of the store, showcasing the product range which is flanked by the barbers chairs themselves. The use of materials promotes the natural but premium feel of the brand and that huge green marble concierge desk provides that perfect grammable moment!
Project scope: Brand identity, Brand Communications, Product design, Interior design
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  • Curae_hairdressers_barbers_Shanghai_packaging_design
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