Rail Gourmet East Midland Train Tender

Rail Gourmet East Midland Train tender response
Rail Gourmet East Midland Train tender response
Rail Gourmet East Midland Train tender response

The brief

Following a long and close working relationship, TYC was the obvious partner for rail food logistics company, Rail Gourmet, to approach to ensure a prompt and creative response to a business critical tender on the East Midland Train franchise.

Rail Gourmet East Midland Train project overview

The approach

TYC has a multitude of experience working on multimillion pound tenders for large corporate companies such as Rail Gourmet. We understand that to win such a tender the proposition must be crystal clear and delivered in a creative manner in order to set it apart from other competitive tenders.

Knowing the Rail Gourmet offer intrinsically meant that the team could focus on allowing the exceptional track record and superiority of the offer to step in to the limelight. The tender response was curated around a message; Bringing the Difference. Key content was identified and edited to create a cohesive executive summary covering topics such as; vision and values, commercial overview and core components of the solution services offered by Rail Gourmet.

The tender response was more than 600 pages long and split in to a number of LOTS along with an appendix of additional information. All content underwent a copywriting process to ensure a consistent tone of voice and focus on key message. Each LOT was given a visual identity and presented a beautiful, custom designed and printed A4 folder.

The executive summary, each LOT and additional information appendix were delivered in a presentation box to bring the entire concept together.

Rail Gourmet East Midland Train project approach

The outcome

The best outcome that we could have hoped for: Rail Gourmet did indeed win the tender to supply the East Midland Train franchise! TYC was very happy to have been able to support a longstanding client with such a business critical tender.

Project scope: Strategy, Editorial design, Copywriting, Graphic design, Print management

  • Rail Gourmet East Midland Train tender response
  • Rail Gourmet East Midland Train tender response

“The team at TYC has been instrumental in providing the sparks of imagination to stimulate 'fresh thinking' within our business. They have helped RG deliver real 'added value' to benefit our customers, our clients and our companies both in the UK and across Europe. “

Roger Williams, General Manager, Business Development, Rail Gourmet