Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason customer insight report
Fortnum & Mason customer insight report
Fortnum & Mason

The brief

The most luxurious store in the world, since 1707, Fortnum & Mason approached The Yard Creative to help them learn more about their customer base and to discover how recent initiatives had changed customer perception of the brand.

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The approach

The customer research activities that The Yard Creative undertook on behalf of Fortnum & Mason needed to capture the widest range of viewpoints possible, so a survey was designed that would shed light on the demographics of the customer base as well as other insights such as in-store customer experience, brand perception, drivers and purchase behaviour.

The survey was then sent to a selected group of the Fortnum & Mason CRM database and web ambassadors. The team then donned cameras and microphones and hit the streets of London armed with vouchers for a complimentary pot of Fortnum & Mason tea for participants to share their thoughts and feelings.

Fortnum & Mason approach

The outcome

The response to the survey was immense; within a week of starting the research, a staggering 1,616 surveys were completed. The willingness and openness of people to participate really helped to unearth valuable insights about the Fortnum & Mason customer base. The findings, observations and opportunities were captured in a beautifully designed report that was presented to the Fortnum & Mason Board.

Project scope: Research, Graphic design.

  • Fortnum & Mason online survey

“We appointed TYC to help us understand who our customers are, how they engage with our brand and their perceptions of Fortnum & Mason. We chose them as they bring a unique approach as its their designers who create and execute the research, instead of outside resource. They look and listen in an entirely different way. In less than 4 weeks we had an incredible insight document that has now shaped the future development of our brand and experiences. “

Zia Zareem-Slade, Director of Customer Experience, Fortnum & Mason