Health food and coffee brand concept interior
Health food and coffee brand communication
Health food and coffee brand A-frame

The brief

This young entrepreneur has a vision. And it's personal! Following a health scare within the family, he decided to take matters in to his own hands and do his bit to help us all live a healthier life. “Let’s create a brand that can make a difference to someone’s life across a variety of platforms”. The scene was set and the first of those platforms was to be a F&B offer.

Health food and coffee brand project snapshot

The approach

Creative day! The way we always start, allowed us all to get to know the two founders, explore their thinking, ideas and visions. We in turn played some creative games to open their minds to wider possibilities and push them further. The name was curated in the session and the brand was born. A What’s New Tour followed to show them what they were up against and the high standards of the Expectation Economy.

From here, the TYC teams worked to create the identity and comms along with the store design. At the same time, we helped advise them on location strategy, product development, social media set up and even created a landlord pack to be taken seriously by landlords.

Health food and coffee brand project approach

The outcome

The health market is at the early stages of its boom. Trends will come and go but time will show that society will continue to take better care of itself and FREE SOUL will play its part in this movement.

The brand’s icon, the lotus flower, symbolises coming from a dark place to one of light. Something that captures the family’s recent events and one that sets the tone for the entire brand. It’s a brand that is fearless and will do its bit to change the world.

The brand will eventually crossover in to Gyms and Retreats.

FREE SOUL is now looking for its first high street location in Central or East London. We are looking for spaces with high business commuter footfall, up to 1,500sqft and ideally in proximity of a local gym. If you are an agent or have a suitable space, please contact Steve in the studio.

  • FREE SOUL menu
  • FREE SOUL packaging design
  • FREE SOUL store exterior concept render

“TYC brings a new dimension to the phrase 'think outside the box'; they have been an extremely effective catalyst in our creative process; and in our purpose of impacting the long term lifestyle choices of society for the better. From the very start, TYC has demonstrated that they are devoted to our vision, and working with them has been an absolute pleasure.“

Founder, Free Soul