Fuel Juice Bars

Fuel Juice Bars kiosk
Fuel Juice Bars kiosk
Fuel Juice Bars packaging

The brief

In 2010, Fuel Juice Bars challenged TYC to take them from a successful brand but currently operating at no.3 in the market, and position them as the UK's leading juice bar. TYC relish this kind of challenge especially as the juice industry was still in its infancy and about to boom. After a close collaboration with the client and a deep understanding of the business as a whole it was decided that the brand needed a complete overhaul including a rebrand, kiosk design, store design and social media review.

Fuel Juice Bars snapshot

The approach

The key objective was to create a brand with a sophisticated edge that would assure its appeal with landlords as part of the future expansion plans but remain fun and playful to engage with the expanding breath of customers. The team set about designing more energy and impact in to the brand and kiosk with one eye on the commercial world of the landlords. 

TYC approach to the Fuel Juice Bars project

The outcome

The brand is bright, bold, fun and eye catching, utilising illustrations and retro fonts mixed with a combination of slick and rustic materials to create an eclectic-cool, modern day brand. Its appeal with both customers and landlords has helped propel Fuel to become the No.1 juice bar in the UK shortly after the rebrand and a quick expansion from 8 to 26 stores. In 2014, the brand took the top spot in the Horizons fastest growing 'Ones to watch' report.

During our engagement TYC has continued to help Fuel throughout a VC buyout, which has elevated the brand to a new level. As the brand continues to evolve, we are working towards a new goal of reaching 50 units by the end of 2016 and exploring new avenues for the business.

Project scope: Rebranding, Graphic design, Interior design, Technical interior design, Rollout.

  • Fuel Juice Bars branding and graphic design
  • Fuel Juice Bars branding and graphic design
  • Fuel Juice Bars branding and graphic design
  • Fuel Juice Bars web design and social media

“I challenged you to make a very successful format even more successful. And it would seem that is exactly what you have delivered.“

Jamie Weston, Owner, Fuel Juice Bars