Good Times Roll


The brief

We LOVE entrepreneurs! Their raw passion and love for an idea is intoxicating. Scott and Harry were no different with their vision to create a social brand of ice cream. Influenced by their travels out East, the ice cream rolls phenomenon caught their imagination as the product to focus on. TYC were appointed to take their vision, give it a name, create a brand and put it out in to the big wide world!


The approach

Kicking off with our trademark Creative Day, the boys and our team deep dived in to the world of ice cream, the competition, trends in social behaviours, the science of engagement and most importantly, what was important to them! We discovered that positive vibes were at the core of the boys ethics and the summer days brought out the best of those vibes. We needed a name to capture the feeling of ‘good times’ and friends coming together. Hence the name TYC generated, 'Good Times Roll'.
The boys agreed the name instantly and from here the TYC team brought the brand to life with a kicking colour combination and a flowing, happy vibe identity that reflects the beliefs of the brand.

The outcome

Positive + Social + Tempting. Good Times Roll has come to life larger than we dared to dream. In summer 2019 the brand went viral on LadBible with 5.3m views of one of their posts. This was following their involvement in the Summer By The River event which has now launched them in to the next stage of growth. 
"From the first time I met with them, they gave me time and attention. I started with a very small business, smaller than the clients they typically work with. I met with the founder for a long time. We had a long meeting and they really paid attention. This was before I even signed up as a client. Both of us wanted a long-term working relationship.” Scott Burgess, Co-Founder, Good Times Roll.