Hammerson Riverside Quarter

Hammerson Riverside Quarter architecture
Hammerson Riverside Quarter visual
Hammerson Riverside Quarter texture

The brief

Appointed via a recommendation, TYC were asked by the global landlord to come up with a radically different design concept for a unit in the Riverside Quarter of The Oracle shopping centre, Reading to help entice new tenants. The unit had been empty for some time following a run of unsuccessful concepts, the space was challenging as it had location and customer flow very much against it.

Hammerson Riverside Quarter project snapshot

The approach

Following our evidential design process, the team visited and spent time in and around the site, observing the customers and their flow in the surrounding areas. This enabled TYC to identified a number of creative ways to draw attention and raise awareness of the site.

The team then moved on to brainstorming, followed by rapid sketching to create a number of architectural and interior concepts for the space, no matter how crazy they seemed.  Once a strong direction was identified for the site concept visuals were created along with guidelines and suggestions for how Hammerson could implement the design.

Hammerson Riverside Quarter project approach

The outcome

Our ideas stretched the imagination of the client and pushed the boundaries of what they had previously considered. The client loved the architectural twists that had been applied to the space and within weeks of completion of the project the unit was let.

Project scope: Architectural design, Interior Design, Research.

  • Hammerson Riverside Quarter concept

“The most intelligently thought through work we have seen for this unit. It shows a good understanding what is needed both in terms of commerciality and design statement. “

Peter Cooper, Portfolio Director, Hammerson plc