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The brief

Founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Julian Shovlin, iSmash today is the leading express mobile device tech repair and accessories brand within the retail sector. TYC were appointed to leverage the initial design elements of the brand to move it forward and be suitable for a Westfield mid-mall kiosk.

iSmash Project Snapshot

The approach

iSmash captured the gap in the market for a trusted and specialist solution for those looking for tech repairs. Julian ultimately identified an under-served market whilst at university, despite the growth of importance on personal devices within our lives. This was the moment he began his mission to create a trustworthy brand that could provide premium service and speedy repairs.
Elevating the importance of a reliable brand, the concept behind iSmash includes a clean, white and minimalist high-tech lab. A brand with complete transparency between its technicians and customers, glass partitions are the only source of separation between the two. This blurred line between back of house and shoppable space and fundamentally reinforces the brand equity; iSmash needs to demonstrate its integrity whilst delivering a premium service.
TYC worked very closely with iSmash to introduce new design elements to move the brand into the next phase, keeping it relevant and current within the retail sector. Team workshops and collaborations included a walking tour session, where we took the time to explore other high-street destinations that value transparency with customers. 
iSmash Project Approach

The outcome

A modernised and elevated store and kiosk design that continued to remain true to the iSmash brand. The store and kiosk designs now encourage visitors to take the time to charge their devices, read up on tech magazines or watch as their device is repaired. 
Starting in Q3 2017 the concept began to be rolled out to both high street and prime shopping centre locations including; Westfield, Leeds, Brighton and Covent Garden.
Project scope: Interior design, Concept design, Technical Design, Planning permission, Rollout


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