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The brief

In light of the weakening position of JJB Sports, JD realised the opportunity to capture some of the ‘performance’ end of the sports market. TYC were appointed to research the market place and create a new format to maximise this potential.

JD Pro project snapshot

The approach

Our research showed over 70% of people living in major city centres practice 2 or more sports, 81% said that it was important for a sports brand to acknowledge differing levels of participation and 63% of sports shoppers are destination shoppers, not browsers. Aspects of the shopping experience that customers wanted to see improved were, better knowledge amongst staff, education around the technology of the products and separation of the key sports and gender areas.

In today’s market place whereby the sport brands are leading the way it was important to work with them to maximise visual appeal. Combined with this was the need to integrate retail with education and participation. For JD Pro to be a success it would need to play a bigger part in the sports sector within each stores local community.

What did JD Pro need to stand for? A community spirited brand that encourages people to come together and get passionate about their sport. A place where sports persons of all levels can come for reliable, sound advise to suit their needs from staff with specialist knowledge. An authority not only in the sports retail but also in the sporting world.

With all this insight the team went about designing a dynamic environment that reflected these desires and position it as a destination in the retail sports market.

JD Pro project approach

The outcome

The instore experience was designed to have a dynamic feel that leads with urban materials and textures, dramatic neon lighting and integrated technology. A category specific experience enabling shoppers to browse all relevant products on offer for a particular sport within one dedicated area. TYC wanted to create an interior that would stop people in their tracks, so chose a darker colour palate to boost the impact of the colourful products on offer.

The mix of materials and textures nod to the geometry of the microfibers found in the products and a sense of speed is created with moving mannequins, digital countdown clocks and illuminated chevrons. The perimeter signage uses old style pin boards with a modern twist.

Partnering with Visplay provided the new Grid 50 for the mid floor fixtures whilst the merchandising displays were designed as a kit of parts to encourage regular visual merchandising changes.

The Scope: Research, Interior design, Concept design, Technical design, Implementation

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“I have to say, the whole experience has been a pleasure - from the creative designs, detailed knowledge of materials and a positive attitude!“

James Fuller, Group Store & Concept Development Manager, JD Sports Fashion

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