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The brief

NutriCentre's brief was clear from the outset; they wanted to disrupt the industry and help guide people to better health through nutrition.

TYC explored the health sector and realised that there was a huge potential in this brief to change people's perception of health retail. After absorbing a huge amount of research and data already assembled, attending consumer groups, visiting stores and hosting a creative day with the client, one gigantic opportunity was identified: there was no defined experience for the customer.

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The approach

In order to unlock a truly Post-Demographic customer experience TYC had to do away with the existing traditional markets segments and instead derive new customer segments based around knowledge that would work across the customer base.

An experience map was drawn up to help the client agree on a customer journey without allowing design or subjectivity to get in the way. Covering every touch point that a customer may have with the NutriCentre brand; from triggers & mindsets to CRM, from curb appeal to store flow each point of the journey was considered.

From here the design team worked on the branding and stand-alone store design in tandem to bring the experience map to life. In order to make the store welcoming and accessible for the Low Knowledge customer two key areas were created.  The first being a deli style 'Food For Now' area to encourage new customers in to store. The second being platforms to help customers understand what nutrition does and how it can benefit you.

For High Knowledge customers, categorisation and navigation were simplified with on-shelf information being written appropriately for those in the know. Payment systems were updated along with mobile payment to help speed things up.

The branding went through several conceptual renditions but from the very beginning we were transfixed on the essence of being lifted. That feeling you get from achieving, helping or simply just being. A sense of elevation, a feeling of optimism and a ‘can do’ attitude. "Lift your life" was the perfect message for NutriCentre.

From here TYC created identity and comms options before curating the final solution. It was clear that the identity needed to communicate that NutriCentre provide health solutions using only natural products, hence the idea of ‘The Natural Pill’ logo mark was born. From wallpaper to packaging, ‘The Natural Pill’ is an instant visual queue and encapsulates the brand.

Logo, tone of voice, colour, illustrations, copy writing were all created to form a unique look and feel. We even created a unique script font for the brand.

Working with mood boards, topline concepts and sketch designs and then on to finished storyboards, materials, and identity, the final design has captured both an aesthetic and strategic change.

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The outcome

This project has been incredible. The new design has been received with praise from both the wider team and customers alike – one customer was quoted as saying “I absolutely love it! It’s genuinely so much more enjoyable to come in to store now but I do end up spending more money”.

TYC has produced designs for a stand-alone store, a shop-in-shop, a concession and a single mod bay, which has been rolled out, to 50 locations across Tesco. The first two stores, launched in Q4 2014, have been shop-in-shops at Kensington and Milton Keynes.

Brand guidelines were created to allow the business to continue to execute the brand in the right way. It has been a pleasure to be involved with the NutriCentre team and we look forward to the planned expansion of the concept.

Project scope: Research analysis, Experience mapping, Strategy, Branding, Graphic design, Copywriting, Print production, Brand guidelines, Interior design, Prototyping, Implementation, Rollout

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“TYC have continually challenged our thinking, and stretched their own, in order to create a finished product that is truly disruptive and that we are all very proud of. It has been a pleasure to work with the Yard Creative. In reality, I view Steve as an extended member of my team given how much ownership he has taken of the entire project. “

Amee Chande, MD NutriCentre

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