PANSHAKE SHACK mid-mall kiosk concept sketch
PANSHAKE SHACK mid-mall kiosk concept sketch

The brief

With an aim to leverage the rising food and beverage trend in UK shopping malls, the Panshake team approached TYC following a recommendation with a brief to design a seaside-esque mid-mall kiosk selling mini-pancakes and esquisite milkshakes. The brand aspired to have a British seaside heritage feel to it as the business owners had a keen eye on the franchise market in the Middle East.

PANSHAKE SHACK project snapshop

The approach

The project team (made up of branding, graphic and interior design experts) first explored the product offering and kiosk operations in order to underatand the functional aspects of the business before putting pen to paper to design.

Both traditional and modern seaside inspiration was used to spark ideas for different brand routes, brand elements such as the logo, strapline, fonts and colour palate were investigated.

A seaside moodboard was agreed which the interior design team used as their muse to create a kiosk that had theatre and character of the British seaside at it's heart.

PANSHAKE SHACK project approach

The outcome

A fun and very British mid-mall kiosk unit that was well received by landlords. Panshake is currently looking for franchise opportunities, so please do get in touch.

The scope: Branding, Strategy, Graphic design, Kiosk design

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