Protein Haus

Protein Haus packaging
Protein Haus kiosk Westfield Stratford
Protein Haus kiosk at Canary Wharf, London

The brief

Carli Wheatley is unique. When we first met her to discuss launching a new extreme health brand, her infectious nature captivated us all. With high visions, the brief was simple, 'create me a brand that stands out in the health food and juice market whilst giving me a platform to educate health conscious customers that there is never just one way'. Although the product line was essentially curated, it was a blank canvas.

Protein Haus snapshot

The approach

Time. Time was the essential part of this project. Although an incredibly tight timescale, it was essential for the TYC team to spend as much time with Carli as possible. If this brand was to be a realisation of her, we'd need creative days, workshops, even workouts! We soon captured her values, vision and ethics. With Protein being both the core of her offer and huge in the market place, TYC curated the name Protein Haus and the brand was born.

From here we designed and built the web site, art directed the photo shoot, designed two kiosks, designed the packaging, set up the social media platforms, created uniforms and the first tees in the clothing line.

TYC approach to the Protein Haus project

The outcome

A remarkable brand that grows bigger everyday. The energy and bloody-mindedness combined with the accessibility and welcome nature of the brand make it a strong force to be reckoned with. It's not a soft approach to health but yet it inspires all to take action.

From installation in January 2016, the first year trading results speak for themselves:

  • Securing four high value sites: Westfield London, Moorgate Station (TfL) and two sites in Canary Wharf
  • First year turnover for the internal kiosk at Canary Wharf was £2.1M
  • 1,350 customers served every day
  • 11 major brand partnerships (including Nike, Reebox Sports Club, Lululemon, Gymshark and Optimum Nutrition)
  • 18.3k followers on Instagram

These impressive sales stats make Protein Haus one of the highest grossing turnover retailers in the whole of Canary Wharf.

TYC is very proud of the instant success of Protein Haus and continue to work with Carli to challenge and push the brand to new limits.

Protein Haus has also won the following recognition in both the retail and food & beverage sectors:

/ WINNER of Mall Retail at the Revo Opal Awards 2017

/ WINNER of Interior Design Effectiveness award in the Design & Retail Environment category at the Food & Beverage (FAB) Awards 2017

/ WINNER of Most Effective Stand/Display Unit (Instore/Kiosk/Indoor) category at the Field Marketing Brand Experience (FMBE) Awards 2017


Project scope: Branding, Kiosk design, Technical interior design, Rollout, Packaging design, Web design, Copywriting, Social media setup

  • Protein Haus brand wheel
  • Protein Haus kiosk concept render
  • Protein Haus kiosk concept render
  • Protein Haus kiosk Westfield London
  • Protein Haus kiosk Westfield London
  • Protein Haus kiosk Westfield London
  • Protein Haus kiosk Westfield London, spin bar
  • Protein Haus kiosk Canary Wharf
  • Protein Haus kiosk Canary Wharf
  • Protein Haus kiosk Canary Wharf
  • Protein Haus kiosk Canary Wharf
  • Protein Haus kiosk signage Canary Wharf
  • Protein Haus brand packaging
  • Protein Haus branded juice packaging
  • Protein Haus branded packaging
  • Protein Haus brand asset photo shoot
  • Protein Haus website design
  • Protein Haus responsive website design

“So you have an idea for a business, you talk to anyone who will listen, your mum, your friends but the people that can make it into a reality need to not only hear words they need to see a business come to life on paper, The Yard Creative will take all your bright and wonderful ideas that are currently sitting in your head and turn them, like magic, into something you can stand next to and say this is me. “

Carli Wheatley, Founder, PROTEIN HAUS.