Rail Gourmet Rebrand

Rail Gourmet rebrand
Rail Gourmet rebrand business cards
Rail Gourmet rebrand logo

The brief

Following our seven year relationship and a wealth of successful corporate tenders together, Rail Gourmet asked TYC to undertake a rebrand of their UK and Ireland Businesses. Rail Gourmet at 70 years old is the largest supplier of rail catering services in the UK. Operating in over 40 locations offering every element of rail catering services from product development, procurement, supply chain, station based logistics, on-board service and a fully integrated control and management information system.

With a vision to be the “On-board Partner of Choice”, Rail Gourmet wanted a modern brand that conveyed that it was the go to food travel experts within the rail industry and show the industry the business was evolving.

Rail Gourmet rebrand project snapshot

The approach

Having partnered with the brand for many years the TYC team understood the day to day well. What was less apparent was the senior teams views of where it wanted to take the business over the next 10 years. Time spent together in creative days and review sessions allowed us to undercover a desire to expand across industries whilst maintaining their rich experience in the rail sector.

Another key moment in the process was educating the business that it was not a product brand but indeed a service brand. This meant the real differentiators were their people. This would come to play a big part in the future of the brand positioning.

From early on it was clear that this desire to expand was limited by the very name of the brand. We noted that over the past few years the business was already shortening the brand name to RG so as an evolution not a revolution, RG was born.

Once the name was agreed upon, a new core idea, mission and values were put in place to clearly position the brand. The team then drew up a range of initial branding concepts where the logomark was completely redesigned, supported by brand extensions to demonstrate how the concept would be seen across multiple brand touch points – such as digital, uniforms, corporate literature and tender documents.

The chosen identity plays on company heritage and uses a double line to represent a train track whilst using a very bold, modern font as its base. The colour palette was developed to represent trust, strength and dependability at the core with innovation, growth and sustainability as its accent. The combination makes for a fresh, solid brand presence.

Rail Gourmet rebrand project approach

The outcome

A complete rebrand of Rail Gourmet to RG. Including brand positioning, identity, comms, corporate literature, website, signage, staff uniforms and brand guidelines.

To launch the brand with key clients, TYC created a 'White Box'. We wanted to give people the chance to experience the new brand in an entirely new way as opposed to a typical powerpoint presentation. The White Box contained an RG cookbook and seven specially selected ingredients. The idea? RG is all about food. So let's give their closest client an at home food experience, RG style.

The brand has now been rolled out after a launch event at the RG annual day and it has been well received by employees and clients alike.