Savoir Beds Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines
Savoir Design Guidelines
Savoir Design Guidelines

The brief

The Yard Creative was appointed to design aspirational showroom guidelines on behalf of the global luxury premium bed brand; Savoir Beds. 
As the brand is continuing to grow, the objective for the showroom guidelines brochure was to elevate and align the brand with other luxury brands such as Hermes and Louis Vuitton. 
Savoir Beds Project Snapshot

The approach

Savoir Beds were first created for The Savoy Hotel in 1905, where for over 100 years luminaries as diverse as Sir Winston Churchill, Giacomo Puccini and Marilyn Monroe have experienced the cloud-like comfort they provide. 
It was imperative that the showroom guidelines reflect this rich, opulent history in order to communicate to potential partners that the quality of the instore environment and customer experience has to be second to none.
We created the showroom guidelines by focussing on conveying the brand messages via beautifully crafted copy and curated showroom photography. The guidelines brochure was designed specifically to make use of high quality printing techniques and elegant paper stock.


Savoir Beds Project Approach

The outcome

A delightful treat for the senses; from the gold foil type on the cover to the beautiful imagery and glossy stock. The showroom guidelines brochure has become a brand bible for Savoir Beds that sets the bar of expectations high.
The guidelines reflect the classic and opulent nature of Savoir Beds and combine it with an editorial flair and contemporary refinement. Beautiful, premium, soft touch book, with golden foil blocking accents that remain true to the classic style of Savoir with modern and contemporary finishes. 
Following the success of the showroom guidelines project, TYC was asked to design and roll-out a new luxury interior concept for the Savoir showrooms on a global scale.
Project scope: Editorial, Graphic Design, Artwork

“It’s refreshing to work with a young, innovative design agency who have the ability to design a unique premium fashion concept, which does not look like its ‘ripped off’ every other retailer on the market. “

James Fuller, Group Concept & Design Manager, JD Group