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Savoir Moscow
Savoir Moscow
Savoir Design Guidelines

The brief

Having started by making beds for the Savoy Hotel in London, Savoir Beds is the worlds most desirable bed brand. So desirable that Frank Sinatra would only sleep on a Savoir bed when he came to the UK! Bringing luxury to the marketplace, Savoir helps people see beds in an entirely new way. 

Following the success of a previous project creating the Showroom Guidelines, TYC was appointed to design and roll out new luxury showrooms for the brand on a global scale.

Savoir Beds Project Snapshot

The approach

It was incredibly important for the showrooms to evoke the classic and opulent nature of Savoir however  a modern design was needed. TYC overhauled the existing design by applying contemporary interior elements along with experiential features curating the story of the incredible craftsmanship, care and attention that goes in to making every single Savoir bed. Luxury materials, opulent finishes and lavish furniture are heavily featured throughout the showroom design to compliment the beds. 
During the process the team were mindful that the high-end, premium design needed to be flexible to adapt to multiple locations around the globe. 
Savoir Beds Project Approach

The outcome

Beautiful, premium showrooms that remain true to the classic style of Savoir with modern and contemporary finishes. 

This redesign is intended for a steady roll out across the full estate 13 Savoir showrooms from London, to New York, Paris to Shanghai. 

Project scope: Research, Interior design, Concept design, Technical Design, Rollout.
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