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The brief

This explorative piece of work was requested from our existing client, JD, to explore the potential for a women only break-off of the sneaker company Size?. Established in 2000, the brand brings edgier footwear and apparel products to market before mass-appeal and have over 30 stores worldwide with over 8m footfall per year. The challenge with this project was to understand the female market place, the consumer, the trends around female sneakers and the entry to market for Size?.

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The approach

The team immersed themselves by teaming up with industry leading bloggers, sneaker brands white papers, fashion trend prediction agencies and interviews with customers on the streets.

Findings showed the change in the conventional Rogers adoption curve with a more rapid uptake and quicker drop off, the change in post demographic consumerism whereby the old school consumer classification was far to restrictive, and how Local Love and acknowledgement of the geographical location was even more prominent amongst the female consumer.

Size? For women project approach

The outcome

The opportunity was huge! The researched showed that female buyers were increasing by the hour and demand was very real. They were quick to move, loyal only to exclusives and were eager to show off their most recent purchases in every way possible. Confident on the evidence of the research, TYC suggested how to extend the branding to give female consumers their own acknowledgement and also how to present the store in the 3D world.

The research was then presented as a collectable over-sized A3 booklet for the client to utilise and share the vision with the wider team.

Project scope: Explorative work including Strategy, Research, Branding, Interior design, Graphic design.

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