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The brief

Two entrepreneurs approached TYC to help them realise their dream career by developing a brand personality and F&B experience that disrupted the sushi market by introducing sushi rolls to the takeaway, grab and go lunch market.

The brief to TYC was to work collaborative with the entrepreneurs to create a young, fun brand and a wow-factor mid-mall kiosk that would put this F&B start-up on the premium shopping centre map.

Sushidog Project Snapshot

The approach

The project kicked off with a creative session where we took the time to learn about the founders and explore the desires for the brand and objectives for the business. Novelty and experience were identified as USPs for the brand as sushi rolls are new to the UK sushi market and there is plenty of theatre in the preparation of fresh sushi rolls.

Our multidiscipline team composed of strategy, brand, environment graphics and interior architecture designers, worked together to explore a number of different routes for both the 2D and 3D elements of the brand.

A key objective of the design concept phase was to create a brand and proposition that captured the attention of landlords as a site had not yet been agreed. 

Throughout the brand development, detailed design and technical design drawing stages particular attention and consideration was given to materials and production costs. Aiming to strike a balance between securing a location in a premium mall and meeting the setup costs of the business plan.

Sushidog Project Approach

The outcome

A confident and bold brand that stands out from the crowd. Using the brand positioning and collateral designed during the full lifecycle project Greg and Nick were able to secure a location in the premium Westfield London phase ll expansion. Such a prime location for a start-up is testament to the hard work of the client and design team alike. 

SushiDog opened in late May 2018 and the business co-founders truly seized the opportunity to disrupt the sushi market by successfully introducing freshly made sushi rolls to the grab and go lunch market.

Success has been measured against the following targets:

- Excellent landlord acceptance demonstrated by the offer of two locations by different premium landlords

- Exceeded weekly revenue targets by 11%

- Exceeded revenue targets per quarter by 12% in Q4

- Exceeded staff cost target by 3%

- Exceeded food cost target 2%

- Exceeded the annual target for developing a strong brand identity by 114%, by achieving 2,160 followers on Instagram within 8 months of trading

- Being awarded a 5* food prep rating


SushiDog has also been awarded the following industry recognition:

- WINNER: Silver in Interiors / Retail Environment category at the FAB awards 2019

- Highly Commended: Mall Retail category at the Revo Opal Awards 2019


Project scope: Strategy, Branding, Graphic design, Kiosk design, Art direction, Comms.

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  • SushiDog Kiosk
  • Sushidog Kiosk
  • Sushidog Concept Render

“TYC were instrumental in our ability to launch our business so successfully in Westfield London. Their guidance on our design and operation were hugely beneficial and their introductions to U.K. Asset Managers helped greatly in securing such a premium site for our first shop.“

Greg IIsen, Co-Founder, SushiDog