Westfield Design Guidelines

Westfield Design Guidelines
Westfield Design Guidelines
Westfield Design Guidelines

The brief

Following a long and happy working relationship together, Westfield Shopping Centres UK appointed TYC to design and produce an inspirational set of design guidelines for temporary retail kiosks. The objective behind the guidelines was to continually encourage retailers to raise the bar of mid-mall RMUs.

Westfield Design Guidelines project snapshot

The approach

It was incredibly important for the guidelines to evoke inventiveness and originality. Iconic architecture, luxury materials and opulent finishes were featured heavily along with some of the best industry benchmarks of mid-mall retail kiosks.

The editorial for the design guidelines was constructed from TYC’s wealth of experience working with Westfield to create multiple, award winning retail kiosks. The guidance covered functional items such as lighting, materials, flooring and graphic communications. However, Westfield is an exemplary retail destination and thus attention must be given to a curate a brand’s story, customer journey, digital touch points and visual merchandising in order to create a remarkable shopping experience.

The process of taking a kiosk concept through to completion was also detailed in the guidelines to help tenants understand the requirements of the stringent design approval process.

Westfield Design Guidelines project approach

The outcome

A comprehensive and beautifully designed hardback design guidelines brochure that Westfield proudly present in reception. Copies are issued to all prospective temporary retail tenants in order to lead by example.

Project scope: Editorial, Graphic design, Artwork, Print management, Copywriting.

  • Westfield Design Guidelines - double page spread
  • Westfield Design Guidelines - double page spread

“We enjoy a very productive and professional working relationship with Steve and The Yard. Their work consistently exceeds expectations, and our expectations are high!“

Simon Cochrane, Director of Design, Westfield