Westfield Iconic Kiosk

Westfield iconic kiosk 3D render
Westfield iconic kiosk sketch concept
Westfield iconic kiosk 3D render

The brief

To create a number of iconic concept designs for a kiosk situated in prime retail space, on the central atrium bridge in the Westfield London (White City) Mall. The overall aim of the project was to demonstrate the potential of the space and help Westfield attract and facilitate conversations with potential tenants.

Westfield iconic kiosk project snapshot

The approach

The concepts were based loosely on a Spanish Tapas style bar serving charcuterie and wine with authenticity of product within a beautiful shell. TYC took inspiration from architectural and organic forms to create mood boards and concept options which were presented to the client in the form of a sketchbook. Following concept development a single route was selected and a detailed 3D model of the kiosk was created.

The outcome

The creation of a fluid, elegant and striking kiosk that demands the attention of this prestigious location. We like to think of it was the ‘black sheep’ of the White City mall being the polar opposite of the clean, white forms of the iconic concierge desks and way finding pods.

Project scope: Concept design, 3D modeling.

  • Westfield iconic kiosk sketch concept

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