Westfield Lobby Commercialisation

Westfield Lobby Commercialisation concept
Westfield Lobby Commercialisation concept sketch
Westfield Lobby Commercialisation concept sketch

The brief

Wesfield Shopping Centres UK approached TYC to help them identify opportunities to increase commercialisation within the premium malls. The brief for this particular commercialisation project was to take the under utilised space in the lobby areas across five car park and retail floors to create an engaging and commercially viable space.

Westfield Lobby Commercialisation project snapshot

The approach

First the team visited the space in order to understand the local retail environment and footfall. The key challenges of the space were capturing the interest of the transient traffic and the challenge of delivering a cohesive brand message with the communications split across the multiple levels, some of which include car park lobbies.

The wider project team identified retailers that could benefit from such a location and car giant Mercedes-Benz was selected as the retailer to demonstrate the concept.  The brand strategy team began exploring opportunities that a car manufacturer could exploit by inhabiting such locations.

Westfield Lobby Commercialisation project approach

The outcome

An innovative retail concept that enabled the commercialisation of currently under utilised space.

The cohesive concept stretched across multiple lobbies and key to the design were immersive learning experiences that showcased the background, story and leading technology of Mercedes-benz.

Project scope: Strategy, Interior design

  • Westfield Lobby Commercialisation lobby entrance concept sketch

“We enjoy a very productive and professional working relationship with Steve and The Yard. Their work consistently exceeds expectations, and our expectations are high!“

Simon Cochrane, Director of Design, Westfield