Westfield Parent Room

Westfield Parent Room entrance concept
Westfield Parent Room concept visual
Westfield Parent Room concept visual

The brief

Following on from the kids lobby commercialisation project, Westfield asked TYC to look at designing the much used parent room facility located within the kids lobby area. The objective was to reflect elements and overarching theme of the new lobby design, with safety and endurance of the space to be paramount.

Westfield Parent Room project snapshot

The approach

Building upon our learning from the kids lobby commercialisation project the team set about surveying the space to understand the facilities, user flow and general use of the site.

We then stripped the space right back to an empty box and began to rebuild the space, planning functionality adjacencies with the customer experience at the heart. Interviewing parents along the way to sanity check layout choices and interaction principles.

Gradually we layered on details such as sensory entertainment and engagement, looking for clever ways keep little ones happy. All the time working towards creating a safe and hygienic environment.

Westfield Parent Room project approach

The outcome

A design that uses interactive projections, reflections, digital elements, experimenting with scale and sensory play to create an engaging facility for families that will improve the shopping experience for families at Westfield London.