Westfield South Interchange

Westfield South Interchange
Westfield South Interchange
Westfield South Interchange

The brief

TYC was challenged to enliven the arrival experience, creating a sense of place and identity for Westfield London, allowing the customer to feel they have ‘arrived’ at the iconic White City shopping centre.

Westfield South Interchange Overview

The approach

TYC regenerated the pedestrianised exterior space, formally called ‘Southern Interchange’, located between Shepards Bush underground and overground stations up to the main southern entrance of the centre. The entrance to the mall features a large media screen and House of Fraser anchor. The aspiration of the project was to extend the Westfield experience to the southern interchange area, so visitors begin the superb Westfield experience from the moment they leave the local transport hubs.

A strategic angle of the project was to generate a return on the area investment by leveraging new commercial opportunities in the space, a mix of advertising, brand activation, pop-up retail and permanent kiosks were explored. In order to approach the design holistically, we designed with the following in mind:

/ People: The relationship between people and space within the context of an active urban setting is what makes a space attractive to both local people and visitors. 

/ Attract: Create a destination that is not just the gate way to London’s retail hub but a curated immersive experience in constant change that adapts to usage and seasons.

/ Share: The street should be a social space in the city that allows for meetings and human contact. Aim to celebrate this and communicate it via both analogue and digital outputs.

/ Activation: Invite the best and most engaging brands to use this space, show off what they can do leveraging the Landlords strong belief in branded collaborations.

Westfield South Interchange Approach

The outcome

An enhanced arrival experience that creates a sense of place and identity for Westfield London. Our creative thinking and holistic approach opened up multiple commercial opportunities across a broad spectrum of revenue streams. The blue sky concept was well received by Westfield and our challenger thinking was well received as it help them to reimagine the kind of place the Southern Interchange could become.


Project scope: Research, Strategy, Placemaking, Kiosk design, Wayfinding