Say Hello to EDI


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London, United Kingdom, 08 June 2023To encapsulate and personify the intention and meaning behind our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion initiative, we reimagined our existing brand logo to create a little penguin, who we have aptly named EDI [Eh-dee]. A penguin felt like a fitting visual expression of EDI due to their uniqueness – both as a species and as individuals. Each bird has their own sound that they make when introducing themselves – and no two are alike. We loved how individual expression is the standard amongst this species, and felt it was something that we humans could learn a thing or two from.

Meanwhile and unlike other birds, penguins use their wings under water rather than in air, showing us that unconventional not only works, but provides adaptability in harsh conditions. As if that weren’t enough to make these wonderful creatures loveable, they also reject gender roles! Male penguins guard and sit on eggs for months, refusing to leave the nest, while their female counterparts hunt for food. Gettem, girlies!

Our colour palette remains characteristically black and white to reflect the penguin and two of our own brand colours, but also to represent balance and equity – while leaving room for a flash of colour here and there for whenever we fancy it.

So, say hello to Edi – you’ll be seeing a lot more of them

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