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A.R.M Holding

A visionary holding company for the people of Dubai

Following the creation of a new property development brand for His Highness, TYC were asked to create a brand for an investment holdings that reflects the values of the shareholder: Sophisticated, philanthropic, influential and future focussed.

“The result of our partnership with TYC is a beautifully executed brand that stands out but at the same time fit amongst there peer group. They went beyond just the scope to ensure a final product beyond our expectations”

Mohammad Alshehhi - CEO


The market place in Dubai investment groups is extremely competitive. How then to position it within the current market place and standout in the right way?


After spending time with key stakeholders our team understood the importance of a modern approach to a corporate entity. An opportunity jumped out to create a crafted identity to reflect His Highness approach whilst maintaining the right level of sophistication.


The identity itself was drawn by one of our own hands to create something truly unique. The suite of collateral that sits within the portfolio is both elegant and accessible and works on a number of levels to incorporate the many brands within the portfolio.

Property Design

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