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Black Mirror

A disruptive way to spread the unanticipated consequences of new technologies

Black Mirror has amassed a cult following. The tech-horror anthology series takes pride in offering up unique thought provoking glimpses into a not too distant future. The producers of the show, Endemol Shine, needed a creative agency that understood the show to design a disruptive style guide and merchandise for the 2018 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

“You literally blew our minds, but it might need to be reined in”

Endemol Shine


How do you license a TV show that has no consistent characters, location or story? As lovers of the show it was obvious: Go dark. Real dark.


The concept behind the guide was ‘Beauty in the Glitch’. Exploring our bitter-sweet love affair with modern technology and its unanticipated consequences: lack of perceived control, the area between delight and discomfort, and occasionally hope. This concept was developed into multiple applications for the brand.


A striking piece of graphic design that elevated the brand of Black Mirror to a new depth of darkness. An experiential and brand led project that positioned Black Mirror as the go to merchandise and franchise opportunity.

Brand Guideline Design

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