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Candy Mechanics

Show the world the power of personalisation

TYC were approached to bring this online brand to the high street in a way that allowed the customer to see the process and become a part of the brand.

“TYC became a bigger part of our brand from day one”

Sam Part - Founder


How do you take an industrial process of personalising chocolate and make it engaging for the customer whilst being quick enough to make a conversion? Understanding the process and rolling our sleeves up and getting our hands covered in chocolate is a good place to start!


The team then worked to ensure the that not only the process came to live but the process of buying and sharing the product. The tone of voice was written to allow everyone to understand the process and take them along the journey.


The outcome was the ‘Edible Selfie Station’. A fully active platform that stopped customers in their tracks. Many other brands have to manufacture interactivity but it’s in the DNA of Candy Mechanics. Following their success in Westfield the brand has gone on to do partnerships with LandSec, Godiva, Topshop and Selfridges.

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