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    Global concession design, virtual showrooms and AR Playbook App
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    AR Design, App Design, Design Guidelines, Concept Interior Design, Copywriting, Graphic Design

“TYC’s passion and commitment to understand our culture and goals made them a natural part of our team. They pushed us to think beyond our initial scope of work — inspiring us to create innovative solutions that transform the marketplace.”

Miguel Carrillo
Marketing Director - Global Partner Market



Revolutionising a Global brand

How do you engage partners all over the world to take onboard a new Converse concession with a 200 page playbook when English is a second language for most partners? You break the rules, embrace digital and put yourself in the shoes of the customer.

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AR Design app

Interior design London Converse Store Visuals

The Playbook

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Design studio Converse Phone app



Digital design agency

The TYC interiors team designed the new concessions by understanding key trends in retail and the need to respond quickly to the change in markets. They became the Masters of Modularity. The graphics team then designed an editorial playbook to capture the story of the concession and how to set it up. Next, our digital team created a gamechanger – an AR app that allowed the partner to design their concessions in real-time, on the shop floor…within 5 minutes. TUsing backend algorithms, users could work with components that they had inputted in order to quickly create concessions right before their very eyes! It saved Converse weeks in design and sign-off time and has been embraced fully all markets.

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App design and virtual showroom design

  • Design studio Converse Store VR on phone
  • Design studio Converse Store on phone
  • Design studio Converse Store Internal view
  • Design studio Converse Store on phone
Interior Design Converse Store Internal visual perimeter and mid floor

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