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Revolutionising male grooming in Shanghai

On a mission to open up accessibility to male grooming in China so customers can benefit from bespoke hair styling and products taken for granted in the West. TYC were asked to research the market, position the brand and create a new identity and environment that connects emotionally with its consumers and celebrates the scientific benefits of Curae’s products.

“The personality and attitude of the team were great. They made a collective effort to understand our goals, position, and familiarity with the process of building a brand.”

Tao Chen & Aiden Hamilton - Co Founders


How to bring a new concept to market in an unfamiliar territory to captivate the target audience and encourage repeat visits by creating a brand that embodies the core values of high-end Western bespoke grooming, delivered in Shanghai with style.


After spending time with the founders, our team understood the importance of taking a sleek and modern approach to this grooming proposition.There was opportunity to create an identity to reflect the human aspect of the services on offer yet leveraging the brand’s expertise through R&D in their products, complemented by the right level of sophistication within the physical environment.


The Interior space breaks new ground as the first of a kind in Shanghai. A green dream that’s become an iconic statement for grooming with legs for future franchise. The branding itself reflects the focus on the individual ‘bespoke is best’ approach of the founders. The impactful packaging design supports the overall aesthetic and gives the opportunity for a personal touch with bespoke ingredient information for tailored hair/skin diagnosis.

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