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    Creating an age-appropriate and uplifting brand for 11-17 year olds who want to explore beauty.
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    Brand Positioning, Branding, Packaging

“We’ve been impressed with the quality of The Yard Creative’s work and think they’ve done a brilliant job.”

Aaron Chatterly, Co-founder of Indu



Beauty Brand

Indu came to us with an important question: how can we create an age-appropriate and inclusive brand that empowers an influential age group to explore their individual beauty? The challenge was a balancing act between a number of aspects: the desire for a fun, young brand with one that was responsible and conscious, being natural versus bold, encouraging confidence but avoiding narcissism, and appealing to two very different audiences: the 11-17 year olds themselves… And their parents.



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Logo Design & Variations



We developed a brand synonymous with their primary target audience – something that would resonate with teens in an authentic and familiar way. The brand was created to be bold to celebrate courageous individuality (during what can be a difficult life stage), zesty to show our love of having fun and experimenting (but also to never hide who we are or how we’re feeling), inquisitive to reflect our curious souls (and love of exploring), and nurturing in our support of community (and conscious conversations). The whole brand was centred around an essence of ‘teen spirit’, to celebrate and embrace the journey of ‘teenhood’ and make it a stage of life supported by parents and loved by teens.


Packaging Design

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