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K+K Streetfood

Bringing the Sri-Lankan vibe to the London food scene

Three childhood friends who grew up together in Sri-Lanka have come together in London to create a cultural and purposeful brand showcasing the best in flavourful and authentic Sri-Lankan street food cuisine. Working closely with the founders, TYC have created this experience and brand from the very beginning to successfully launching the first site at Boxpark Croydon.

“Our space was referred to as a masterclass in positioning and branding. We have to attribute this wholly to TYC.”

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy - Co Founder


With Sri-Lankan cuisine just beginning to become part of the F&B landscape, TYC identified the opportunity for this entrepreneurial trio change their existing offer and to enter the fast-casual market by going back to their origins. The trick was going to be to show that authenticity and celebrate the spectacular food.


Establishing the brand pillars and values was key to creating an engaging customer experience, bringing the art, culture and cuisine of Sri-Lanka to a container unit in Croydon. By ensuring the operations of quick customer flow were sorted first, it allowed the team to then focus on showing off the theatre of the food and creating a micro dining area that celebrated the authenticity of the brand.


From the story TYC created for this brand paired with a remarkable dine in and ordering experience, we enabled K+K Streetfood to launch to immediate success, fast becoming one of Boxpark Croydon’s best performing outlets. Our support continued by writing and designing their social strategy and setting them up with our social partners who continue to manage and drive K+K Streetfood forward.

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