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Lendlease EP Positioning

Let London know what Elephant Park stands for

TYC were asked to review the street level of Elephant Park and then develop a unique brand positioning that could filter upwards. The strategic positioning would give a clear message to all.

“TYC brought global consumer branding to a world of mixed use development and got us thinking in an entirely new way.”

Guy Thomas - Head of Retail


Although several phases had been launched, apartments were selling and shops were being let, there was a concern the brand positioning hadn’t yet been nailed. TYC we’re asked to use their Placemaking Branding package to reposition this remarkable Central London location by giving it a bigger purpose. So the starting point? On the street with the people of course!


Following a key stakeholder session it became clear that there was an underlying message to be told, it just needed to be crafted in a way everyone could get behind and sing from the rooftops. The positioning needed to represent the developments desire to establish a vibrant space that connects with locals and become a social hub that brings the residents out and the locals in. We had to be real about what we could own rather than what we’d need to create.


The step change was to stop think of EP as a place to buy and see it as a place to spend time. For many urbanites and city dwellers, the idea of ‘local’ has shifted in meaning and connotation. As a result TYC identified a unique positioning that only Elephant Park could own not just in London, but across the globe. This positioning will Inject the brand with local urbanite values, so people will want to affiliate with the space and spend their precious time here – whether a resident, a surrounding resident or a visitor.

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