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Guiding people along the journey to reach their peak

TYC were challenged to create a brand identity for the City dweller to access the best lifestyle activities Dubai has to offer and allow guests to reach their full potential.

“We asked TYC to dig deep and challenge how we disrupt the industry with our positioning and create a dynamic visual identity that tells a story. Together we delivered something that is a league above the rest.”

Dilesh Bhimjiani -Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder


How to create a cult lifestyle brand and democratise lifestyle online experiences making it as easy as possible for the guest whilst keeping the customer loyal to the middle man? Our early exploration uncovered the need to reflect how the app advises, inspires and interacts in a more meaningful way and those ‘peak’ moments in our journeys to betterment.


Our expertise in working with SME digital brands and our opinion on UI shaped the experience into something that is both easy to use and slick that installs a sense of ‘striving for something better’ without being preachy. The ideology to ‘prioritise well’ formed the foundations for the brand, comms and App user interface.


The brand has a clean geometry and uses forms found in nature that also represent reaching a high point in your journey that can only be owned by LVL. The brand comes to life through its 8 touch points that combine to create the logo mark. The brand architecture considers brand collaborations and global expansion and has been designed to allow each region to have its own identity whilst feeling part of the same family.

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