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Bridging the gap to connect the helpful with the helpless in Richmond

Following our award winning projects in the Non-Profit sector, this project saw TYC produce the strategy and branding to create a new Richmond based charity with innovative community-led initiatives to myth-bust perceptions of life in Richmond.

“All of the team listened and worked closely with us which we are extremely grateful for. Your professionalism and visual portrayal is very much a key part of our new era.”

Jonathan Monckton - RPLC Director


How do you combine two charities to create one brand for maximum effect? Following findings from several key stakeholder workshops, we focused on the filling the gaps between perception and the realities of social economic disparities in the Richmond area. The team researched what it meant to be a Richmond resident and how this charity should look and behave in order to reinvent philanthropy in the modern day, truly putting people and the local communities first.


After an extensive process, the name oneRichmond was born. With the mission to create a fair borough where everyone can thrive, the brand needed a personal touch to represent the subject matter. A diverse library of handwritten signatures was used to anchor Richmond with each chosen charity project and community scheme. Each piece of handwriting represents the people of Richmond, creating an emotional and human brand connection that is locally unique.


‘oneRichmond is a movement that focuses on the betterment of the borough for everyone.

It addresses the inequalities found in our borough of Richmond and highlights that together we’ll aim to fix them. It celebrates a community brought together for one common cause.

The chosen route explores human interaction & local culture. It promotes a vibrant neighbourhood with an emotive, warm and human touch. Tone of voice has been written to be inviting, dedicated and savvy, an unexpected value for a charity but one that brings a new edge. Art direction focussed on the community and philanthropic vision, supported by a honest/real feeling that aligned strongly with the communities within the thriving Richmond & surrounding areas.

This is oneRichmond.

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