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Create a long-term relationship with wellness in the premium fitness and beauty sector

On a mission to create a luxury and holistic ‘safe space’ where customers can nurture and improve their body and mind. TYC were challenged to research the market, position the brand and create a new name, identity and ‘city sanctuary’ that provides a luxury haven from the bustling London high st.

“We are so super happy with the brand and very proud of how everything has come together. Working with TYC was so much fun, we want to do it again.”

Daria Ivanova, Mario Caspers - Co-Founders


In this boom market place how do you create a brand that captivates the target audiences in new ways to establish long term loyalty? The client was already combining an array of remarkable techniques and biohacking technologies to differentiate their offer. We needed to show that without confusing the heck out of the customer!


After spending time with the founders and potential customers we understood what was important to them: a place they can nurture, focus, breathe, re-charge and perform at their best for a more fulfilled and balanced life. Our aim then become to create a brand that allowed the client to redefine fitness through wellbeing. Playing the ‘if your brand was a celebrity’ game, the client sighted Kate Hudson + Poppy Delevingne as the ambition: aspirational yet down-to-earth, perceived as exclusive with attainable traits and a core belief of being open-minded.


The name was chosen by the client for a shortlist by TYC because it represents a state of rest and tranquility. It instilled every-day mindfulness through posture, practice and progress. The branding itself reflects a focus on the strength and structure of the human form, whilst the art direction supports the overall aesthetic providing opportunity for personal touches yet cementing authority through examples of optimised ‘repose’. The studio, with brand application by TYC, provides a calm and contemporary luxurious space where customers can seek clarity and feel comfortable while on their own journey to mindfulness.

Brand Positioning and Naming

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