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Reimagining the conversation on temporary architecture

On a mission to open up accessibility to the world of temporary modular architecture globally. TYC were tasked to dissect the existing product offer, position the brand and create a fresh approach to explaining the capabilities of a unique and versatile product within a highly varied consumer base.

“Very constructive and good communication, effective process with the client. I very much appreciated working with the TYC team”

Herbert Klose, Gisbert Loos - MD / CSO, CEO


How to re-establish a connection with an innovative product, captivate new target audiences and encourage continued loyalty? The client wanted to evolve the business to project a brand that embodies the expectations associated with high end German engineering with world leading architectural styling never seen before.


After spending time with the Roder team we understood the importance of taking a sleek and modern approach to this complex proposition. There was opportunity to create an aesthetic to reflect the human aspect of their services yet leveraging the brands expertise through R&D in their products; this had to be complemented by the right level of sophistication both in digital sales assets and the web execution.


The web asset breaks new ground as the first consolidated Roder offering to unify the many historic subsidiaries and sub brands. A sharp technical statement for temporary architecture with legs to incorporate future franchises. The sales documentation reflects the focus on the individual ‘bespoke is best’ approach for end solutions but showcases the off-the-shelf components. The web design has elevated the brand and will open new doors in a time when lightweight structures are becoming ever more pressing in the modern day landscape.

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