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St James Quarter

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Following our cutting edge approach to design guidelines, TYC were asked to create narrative that would amplify a new generation of kiosks, brand experiences and activations. The document needed to inspire creativity as well outlining the rules and process each tenant needs to go through to gain approval.

“I find TYC incredibly attentive, good listeners and collaborative. They are always on-point and never miss a deadline.”

Nick Peel - MD, St James Quarter


When you’ve taken a leading role in redefining one of Europe’s most exciting capital cities and become a catalyst of change for a new Edinburgh that is shaping a modern Scotland, how do you keep the keep the aspirations high for all others to follow? As someone who helped shape the industry to turn it on its head again and give a new perspective. Enter TYC.


Working with their existing brand guidelines, TYC started by understanding that this was not a mall but a District Destination. The difference is massive and therefore how we would write and how we would inspire would need to come from a different angle. The team took inspiration from the very best global destinations and explore their TOV to match the expectations. Acknowledging that St James Quarter is ‘Always in Beta’ gave us room to encourage brands to go way further than most malls have allowed previously.


The message to all is clear; Think Differently. Don’t come with the norm, the expected, the safe. Push your brand and connect with your customers in a way never seen before. This is all we ask. We wrote the guidelines for SJQ as if they were our own, focusing on what can be done rather then why can not, “do not” was banned from the copy. TYC even gave away part of our own in-house design principles to share with all brands and design houses; Attract (10m+), Engage (3m), Convert (1m). Its been the guiding ideology that gave way to award winning creations such as the Models own bottle shop, Protein Haus, Pan ’n’ Ice, Sushidog, Good Times Roll and Socialites.

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