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Time for a sushi revolution

TYC where approached by Sushidog founders and all round Sushi lovers, Greg & Nick to help them realise their dream by developing a brand that disrupted the sushi market by introducing sushi rolls to the UK.

“TYC were instrumental in our ability to launch our business so successfully in Westfield London.”

Greg Ilsen - Co-Founder, Sushidog


Tired of seeing people struggle with sushi on the go, the challenge was to create a chopstick free concept that makes sushi the go the choice for those on a roll. The brief to TYC was to work collaborative with the entrepreneurs to create a young, fun brand that disrupts the existing sushi market today.


If this brand was a celebrity it would be a cross between Joe Wickes and Claudia Winkleman. A refreshing and honest approach to health crossed with a style and wit that attracts across generations. As such the brand need to stop people in their tracks. Referencing an American street style adoption of a traditional Japanese food. This brand utilises an more refined evolution of language, materials and colours typical to street food vendors.


The brand identity references the imagery of revolutions and gives power to the hand! Using the brand positioning and collateral designed, Greg and Nick were able to secure a location in the premium Westfield London Phase ll expansion. The first location exceeded the annual target by 114%.

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