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Taking you on a journey with a service led bike shop

Building on their existing branding and successful first location, TYC were asked to create a second flagship location for London in the development at Wembley that reflects the values of the shareholder: Approachable, Passionate & Expert, a showroom and service crafted for the people by the people.

“Trust their process because they know what they’re doing. They delivered on everything they promised.”

Ceri Dipple - Founder


The market place in cycling culture in the city is extremely competitive and at times confusing. How can we offer a new position within the current market place of bike shops, democratising the cycling needs of the many?


After spending time with the founder our team understood the importance of a soft sell approach to a bespoke cycling retail experience. An opportunity jumped out to create a space geared around service and education featuring a community table where customers can discuss customisation & learn about local bike clubs. The space reflects the vision of a one stop shop, that connects a retail space with workshop for all your cycling needs.


The space was driven by functionality and sustainability. TYC employed low budget, green and practical design decisions to offer the ultimate flexibility, enabling the client to incorporate as many brands as necessary to support the offer. Order & browse, build & customise or service & repair bikes from all categories of city based cycling, responding to authentic customer journeys whether you’re an enthusiast or just love a pedal around this great city!

Retail Experience Design

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