Finding moments of Joy


Thoughts Piece

At the point of writing this, the UK has just been locked down. There is a lot of craziness going on right now and if we think its tough now, just wait until we’ve all been house bound for 4 weeks! That said, in the toughest of times, we have to find moments of joy.

No matter how small. No matter where they come from, it’ll be these moments that keep us sane. As a matter of fact, it’s the Great British way. In World War II the Radio used to play music to keep morale up and give hope. Thank fully, when we look out of our windows things aren’t quite as severe today as they were back then.

Today we have technology at our finger tips and our relationship to it will become ever more entwined. Whether we use it for working, education, physical exercise or entertainment, we’ll rely on it more than ever.

But even if you’re housebound in a studio flat in the middle of a city, there are still plenty of ways to find moments of joy without technology. Here are our Top 10 tips on finding moments of Joy in this new unexpected world:

See the beauty in nature

Yes nature is kicking our butts right now (and maybe it’s sending us a subliminal message) but its beauty is right in front of us. Look out of your windows and, for perhaps the first time, see the nature around you.

Get up and watch a sunrise

It’s a part of nature that we rarely take the chance to watch. If its been a while, guaranteed, it’ll blow your mind.

Treat those around you

Do something out of the norm for the persons closest to you. The surprise will lift any mood.


Most homes have random baking ingredients. After checking it’s still in date, bake something your parents used to make you when you were a kid. Then scoff it and watch the memories come flooding back!

Get that 6 pack

The kids did PE with Joe Wicks this morning. I was shattered just watching them. Now you’re not commuting, do a small workout every morning (even just a few sit ups each day) and see the difference.

Celebrate events

Whether it’s your own birthday or National events (yep, Easter is just around the corner) find new and unique ways to celebrate them. And help those you love to celebrate with you.

Its Spring

Just imagine if this happened in December! The buds of new life are on their way, it’s getting warmer and the sun is shining. Watch the tree’s turning from brown to green and let the bird songs in.

Grab that book

You know the one. The one you bought years ago and had all the right intentions to read it, but never did. Pick it up and read it. May be those good intentions were right all along.

Spot a shooting star

With no planes and many of the city lights turned off, the skys will be much clearer. Look up and see if you can make a wish.


So here’s the thing that no-one told you at school: You can’t get it wrong! There are no rules in art. Pick up a pencil and draw like a kid again. Yet this time, realise you’re not trying to be Van Gogh. Never know though, you might just find a new talent.

If anyone has any other suggestions please do leave them below but for now, keep smiling and see you on the other side.