How to keep smiling while remote working


Thoughts Piece

With everything changing its often hard to adjust whilst still maintaining a positive and productive mental wellbeing. Here are TYC’s Top 5 tips to help you and your team transition to remote working:

1. Keep talking

Never stop talking with your team. Maintaining a continuous line of communication reduces dips in team productivity and allows team members to share their thoughts and issues freely. Making problem solving faster and less stressful. There’s no ‘I’ in Team after all.

2. Plan For The Unexpected

‘Oh no I lost signal again!’ I bet we have all said that at least once in the last week. But don’t worry, take a step back and calmly solving the technical snag and moving on without frustration. This is key to maintaining a positive mental state.

3. Dress the part

Let’s face it we have all thought about going to work in pyjamas while working from home. However, making the effort to maintain your normal work attire is a great way to prepare your mind for the busy day ahead and provides a mental divide between home you and working at home you.

4. Bring on Virtual Happy hour and team building games:

Why not have a little fun once a week by getting your team together for a virtual video catch up over a beer (or two) or play virtual team building games. Maintaining morale and bonds with your coworkers will make everything a bit more enjoyable and will aid a smooth transition back to the office when this is all over.

5. Finish your day differently

How do you decompress after your sometimes stressful work day without your commute? With elimination of your commute it can be hard to separate your working day with evening, finishing your by doing something different, like having a dance to your favourite song or a simple walk, will help maintain your work life balance.