Sports Brand Meets High Fashion


Thoughts Piece

We love a good fashion collaboration here at the Yard. Our Yardsters are never short of originality in the office when it comes to style, and this collaboration with Adidas and Balenciaga certainly makes returning to the office look cooler than ever. On the campaign we see model Hadid perched on corner of a desk in a Manhattan skyscraper, modelling oversized t-shirts, hourglass handbags, and long tube socks.

It’s safe to say that we haven’t been starved of high fashion collaborations in 2022. Whether its Gucci and Balenciaga, or just prior the previous collaboration of Adidas and Balenciaga. It seems that luxury meets sport brands is the future fashion trajectory.

First Prada, then Gucci and Wales Bonner, now Balenciaga, its seems that Adidas is leading the way for the high street brands.  A sort of cultural ambassador for luxury brands. In fact, it provokes the question, is there any designer characteristic that can’t be improved with a Trefoil or triple stripe?

The collection itself is a 33-piece capsule spanning mock football jerseys. Adidas x Balenciaga has supposedly been on the cards ever since Creative Director Demna was a boy. Demna states, “As a seven-year-old kid, I had an Adidas tracksuit, and that was my biggest fashion moment when I was a child.”

At The Yard Creative we believe that creative collaborations are the key to success. Working closely with our clients and partners is at the heart of what we do. We believe combined ambition, ingenuity and focus steers the ship to success.

Here’s to more creative collaborations ahead. We champion and look forward to it.