Top trend this week; social-conscious marketing


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Some of you may of seen Nike’s recent campaign #BlackLivesMatter in celebration of their 30th Anniversary with former NFL star; Colin Kaepernick.

Nike are now redefined and are moving towards attitudes of belief and strength, standing for what you believe in and not just focusing on the monetary value of activities. This is the perfect example of adapting your strategy to suit a more socially conscious world.

Top trend this week; social-conscious marketing

This trend is not a new on by any means, consumers have always been aware of social issues, however the way that brands respond is something that has evolved very much in current times. Today more than ever, younger generations demand companies to address social and ethical issues and tailor their campaigns to build an awareness as much as possible.

For many consumers, having this stance integrated within a brand’s strategy can be the key determining factor to whether they purchase a product or not. Stats are available to validate this debate, after Nike’s NFL campaign was launched, sales were up by 31% over Labor Day weekend in the U.S. The proof is in the pudding – consumers have a desire to purchase goods that allow them to impact the world as little as possible and when this is provided, there are positive reactions. The likes of; Coke, Toms and Adidas are great examples of companies that have created powerful campaigns designed for the socially conscious.

Image source: The Drum, Nine, Sports Business Daily