Quintain #WembleyParkNow Launch


News Piece

Wembley Park has become a vibrant 15-minute city with so many things to see and do (including some of our most highly awarded projects – Bread Ahead being one), but somehow the area still suffers from a misconception of Wembley Park 20 years ago. Having worked with Quintain for several years, TYC were tasked with defining a strategy to reposition their retail offer and find a new way to reach a wider audience.

Following qualitative research undertaken in-house and a review of all Quintain marketing materials we realised that there were so many good stories to tell of #WembleyParkNow. With this in mind, we created a new narrative, roadmap and campaign to build awareness and drive interest. The team analysed the whole journey, from sparking interest to signing on the dotted line, and created an entire suite of tools. These included a film-led social campaign, marketing materials and zine through to a WhatsApp driven lead generation. We’re getting the word out there that Wembley Park is the place to be, NOW!

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