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    JFK Terminal 1 Customer Experience Design
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    Trends, Benchmarks, Research, Strategy, Vision, Brochure design

“The Yard Creative are inspiring. They really force us to be aspirational when it comes to our approach. Even if we only end up enacting 25% of their recommendations, it would be a world of difference from what we would’ve achieved on our own.”

Bradley Tollefson
Senior Vice President Developments



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How can we shift mindsets to define a new era in air travel retail and set a new benchmark for the industry in 2035?

Facing the most disruptive two years in history for air travel, TYC were asked to create a strategic piece on the future of JFK airport to entice the world into travelling again.

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Uncovering the future of airport retail

The people who travel via international airports like JFK are wonderfully different – which means making them happy is equally varied. It became clear to us that we could not judge JFK’s audience as a whole – and that to attract the mass, we must satisfy the needs of the individual.

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