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    #officelovesmysquad campaign
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    Strategy, Social campaign, Social roadmap, Campaign design, Art direction

“How to unite girls around the Women’s World Cup?”

Hannah Sullivan, EMEA Consumer Direct Marketing Manager



Social media campaign design

The summer of 2019 saw France host the Women’s World Cup, in the lead up to this iconic event brands got involved from all sides to support women.

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Nike social campaign design



The summer of solidarity

The team began by looking at social trends and other key events taking that place that summer to anchor the campaign yet standout from the crowd. We discovered that #squadgoals was currently trending on social, celebrating female friendship and group selfies. The selfie had been swapped for a more communal form of indulgence, it wasn’t just about who you were as an individual anymore, but who you were as a member of your group.

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Graphic design, marketing roadmap, campaign design