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Last night the TYC team had an adventure north of the river to HintHunt London.

We like to get out and about and see what’s happening in this amazing city of ours but I wondered how this particular activity got signed off. Spending an hour trying to get out of a small, locked room wasn’t exactly my idea of a good time. Luckily, behind the inconspicuous door just down the road from Euston a little place called HintHunt has made being locked in a room fun. Good clean, mystery game fun.

After being split into two small teams and shown to our separate rooms we had to work out how to best utilise anything and everything in there to solve clues and crack codes in order to escape. Can’t go into more detail than that as we’d hate to spoil the surprise for you but the hour flew by. We shrieked every time a clue pinged up on the screen above the giant timer and hilariously, even the most laid back of work colleagues found their (very) competitive steaks. Can happily report that both teams made it out with time to kill, beating the 50:50 odds.

We left feeling exhilarated, if a little ashamed of the far to frequent group high fives.

The landlords at the ‪Times Square Center in Dubai have already seen the commercial value of HintHunt, it’s a perfect offering that will drive traffic to malls looking for more leisure activities. Ahmad Al Saheb, a partner at HintHunt Dubai summed up the local response in a statement “We are so delighted with the positive response the game received as soon as we announced we were launching it in Dubai. This reflects people’s need for a live group fun activity away from online gaming, where friends can de-stress and spend a good time together interacting, sharing and creating a special memory”.

The HintHunt concept also lends itself well for experiential marketing and could be a really fun way of engaging customers through direct physical immersion into a brand.

– Amy, TYC Studio Manager & Customer Advocate

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