Top concept: Gentle Monster


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This week we were lucky enough to visit Gentle Monster’s newest concept on Argyll Street, London.

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Are you ready to enter the bonkers world of Gentle Monster? Presenting to you their new concept in London, this place is so god damn crazy, probably why we loved it so much. The brand is well-known for its innovative approach to store design, and they certainly didn’t cut corners here. The London flagship store is the first to open in Europe following on from China & U.S.

If there is one thing you do this week, it is to visit this space on Argyll Street, you will not regret it. The theme for this paricular store is Kung Fu, there are aliens on entry practising their skills at the chime of the sacred gong sounding every 3 minuntes. As you’re led aroun the two floors you will be addressed by different forms of kinetic creatures all practicing marial arts.

Central to the lower floor is the battle ground where the aliens skill of Kung Fu is put in to practice.

If all of this doesn’t sound crazy enough for you, then you should check our their sunglasses.

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